She is born 1998 and practices 25 hours a week. She lives and practices in Nantes, and only see her family one weekend a month. But STIGA contracted Marie Migot seem happy. Now she chases the medals in the cadet category at the European Youth Championships in Schwechat, Vienna.

Marie Migot has just a match in the singles event and is now among the 16 players that will compete about the medals at the European Youth Championships in Schwechat, some 20 kilometres outside Vienna.

Last year she reached the quarters and this time, still with one more year to go in the cadet category, she aim for a medal.
- I can win so that is my goal. But there are a lot of strong girls out there so we will see.

Marie started to play table tennis when she was five years old. At six she joined a club.
- My father was a player, not at a very good level, but still good. So when he went to the training hall I went with him. I liked the game and I liked to compete so I continued.

The family Migot lives in Noirt, some two hours from Bordeaux. But since one year lives Marie without her parents in Nantes, where the French Table Tennis Federation has a center.
- It is me and seven boys. In the beginning I felt a bit alone and longed for home, but now I enjoy being there. I practise 25 hours a week, 20 hours table tennis and five hours physical training. One weekend a month I go back to my parent´s house, the rest of the time I spent in Nantes or in different competition.

Marie says her strong points as a table tennis player is the backhand service, the backhand loop and the loop from the forehand side.
- But I have a lot to improve: my forehand is still too slow, and I also must get better receives.

And how long time has you been a STIGA-player?
- For four years. I like Stiga. It is a very good brand!