New challenges for Egyptian STIGA player El-Sayed Lashin!


We are very proud to announce Egyptian STIGA player El-Sayed Lashin as our first Supervising Operative Manager – African and Arab countries.

STIGA representative Mr. Ola Werner met up for an interview with the very positive and friendly Egyptian National Team player in France, where he will be playing this year.


Sayed –You have a unique knowledge of table tennis equipment and have been inside the STIGA Team for a long while. What will be your main tasks with this new role?

Beside my game I will be supervising for STIGA in all African and Arab countries. I will check that the distributors show respect for STIGA distributor regulations. I will inform, update and advice STIGA distributors of STIGA equipment in a practical way.

I will also be giving advices to all kind of players and if anyone contacts me, I will give him a hand.

Furthermore I will talk and meet Federations from different countries.  I recently made an agreement for STIGA with Libya. I am also looking forward to help STIGA to increase the markets in Africa and all Arab countries.

I am really proud of this title. I hope I can bear the responsibility!


You will also play in PPCV, Villeneuves-sur-Lot, France this season. Why France?

I contacted a French agent. He and Sofiane Boudjadja from Algeria helped me. We then met up in Paris at the World Championships and made an agreement.  My club is in Pro A. My other club, AlAhly Cairo has supported me and wished me good luck for my new adventure in France.


Do you like it in France?

Yes a lot. I like the silence and the quietness. There is a mosque five minutes from my home and a halal shop around the corner. Everyone has been very kind to me and I already hope to stay here for many years! My wife will join me here in some weeks and stay with me.


Describe a normal day for you here in France?

I wake up at 8.00. Small breakfast.  First session from 9.30 – 12.00. Lunch. Normally we start again from 15.30 – 18.00, followed by psychical training for an hour. No big difference from Egypt except that we practice later there. In AlAhly there are a lot more players than here. The exercises are similar. We have good discussions with Coach Julian here in the club.


Have you noticed any cultural differences so far?

It is difficult to compare because of the big differences in size. But if you are in Egypt – Smile! That’s something all Egyptians try to do, because with smiles, people tries to solve things in Egypt. I can find similarities in politeness here. In France everyone’s saying bonjour in different ways all day!


What about the food?

Good seafood here. People eat a lot. I am very bad at cooking and I eat way too much junk food. Everything will be a lot better when my wife is here – especially my food habits.


You are a famous tea drinker in the Arab region. How do you like the French tea? How many cups a day?

Well, I don’t drink as much here as in Cairo, only about 10-15 cups/day. I have also decreased the sugar. I think that´s good for my health.


Your future plans?

My main target is to help my club to stay in Pro A and of course to improve my game here in France.I will have more time here to concentrate on everything. My last season was very good. I believe that I still can reach even higher levels, in shallah.


Do you have any advices to young players?

Concentrate and practice. Keep your feet on the ground. Listen to the coach and show him respect.  It is important to improve the ability of analyzing and really understand the game and I think players have to set up near and future targets.  Furthermore I strongly recommend a lot of physical practice since the game is much more physical than before.


What do you think of the development in Africa and Arab countries?

My generation started to look for targets outside Africa. When I was a junior, Nigeria was nr 1 in Africa. We really wanted to beat them!  Now we are looking for next step. It was a great surprise when Egypt became nr 3 in World Team cup earlier this year but we have really struggled for this.

In Egypt we have a strong upcoming generation. Omar Assar, Mohamed ElBialy and Mohamed Shouman are some of the new players. They have all shown good results last years. Omar Assar is well known in Sweden, I think.

In Africa, more countries are participating in international tournaments.  You can find more players today than 10 years ago. It´s amazing to see the difference compared to those years. STIGA has become important for this progress for Africa and Arab countries and really made big efforts for a lot of African countries. I am really proud for being a part of this!


How many more years do you think you could play?

I cannot tell you exactly. There are a lot of “old” players in the world.  If my body allows me, then I will continue and my experience will help me. I am not looking at any special age. Experience is very important in table tennis so who knows – I could be playing for many more years.


Would you like to name any important people who has supported you during your career?

Mr. Ola Werner and Mr. Jonas Wilen on STIGA have been great support during all these years! I must also mention Elhag Hussein Elrezky, Ashraf Abdelfatah, Adel Shouman, Fathy Abda, Yousef Rabie, Ashraf Sophie, Alaa Meshref, Khaled Thabit, Gaber Kenawy, Maged Ashour and all of my family.


Last but not least, we would once again like to congratulate you on your recent marriage. We wish you and your wife all the best for the future!

Thank you very much!

I would also like to thank STIGA a lot for all support over the last 12 years. It has helped me a lot. STIGA really feels like a family and I like that feeling very much. My wife will of course also help me. I am very happy!

Hopefully I will work together with STIGA for the rest of my life!


El-Sayed Lashin’s equipment:

Rosewood NCT VII

Calibra LT Spin


Watch El-Sayed Lashin defeat Germany’s Bastian Steger at the STIGA Sponsored World Team Classic: