ELASTICITY: The control of the ball is affected when the ball gets in contact with the bat. The elastic properties of a blade make you feel this contact. It depends on the players what type of elasticity he or she likes best. Take these categories into con- sideration and you will surely find the right blade for you.

ELASTIC: Offering low speed with maximum control. Mostly used by the cautious defender.

FEELING ELASTIC: The enhanced touch and feel characteris- tics are a distinct advantage for players who like to be in com- mand of control and accuracy for the allround spin game.

POWER ELASTIC: Power elastic blades benefit the spin player a wide variety of attacking styles.

NEARLY STIFF: For consistent powerful forehand and back- hand top spinning loop play. Nearly stiff blades are ideal for players who want to set the momentum and dictate the play.

STIFF: The ultimate selection for the direct power-hitting player who primarily concentrates on pure speed than control.



SOFT: Soft sponges provide a better ball control. The spin remains the same while the speed is slightly reduced. Common among players that what to have a great sound during their game.

MEDIUM: Medium sponge is superb for active and powerful players. A well balanced relation between control, speed and spin.

HARD: These sponges provide more speed but less control of the ball when striking the ball.


STICKY: This rubber sheet offers much control and is very sticky, which provides plenty of spin when striking the ball.

CONTROL ELASTIC: They develop spin elasticity even at the low speed, and give you more control and more fun. Suitable for control-minded players that want to have the extra touch in their game.

STICKY ELASTIC: Slightly sticky rubbers with very good spin dynamics and ball control while playing at a high speed, both away and near the table.

OFF ELASTIC: Intelligent mixed between speed and spin dynamic. Off elastic rubbers is for speed players that use a lot of top spin in their game.

SPIN ELASTIC: Spin elastic rubbers are for the modern top table tennis. They are as fast as the off elastic rubbers, but have an additional spin component. Very sophisticated technology.