SUPER MATTED SURFACE The Super Matted Surface generates a tremendous optimal ball contact that helps the rubber adapt to the ball like never before.


APS-TECHNOLOGY The APS technology (Advanced Pimple Structure) with straight shaped pimples makes the rubber adapt to the ball like never before and provides an explosive and spinny rubber that is reliable in every situation.

THE ACS-TECHNOLOGY allows very high speed to be combined with max springiness/elasticity in an ultralight rubber with outstanding control.



THE SYNERGY TECH rubber is the combined collaborative efforts of top table tennis chemists from Sweden and Japan.



BUILT-IN SPEED GLUE EFFECT: Built-in speed glue effect to achieve maximum power.



MEGA TENSION TECHNOLOGY creates more tension without increasing the weight of the rubber, causing quicker rubber recovery.



TRANSTENSION SPONGE Thanks to the TransTension Sponge and the exciting material, we have found a formula that will revolutionize and generate maximum tension and sponge power.


THE NCT TECH rubber use our nano technology, and are designed for the era that begins with the ITTF speed glue ban.



LONG TRAJECTORY  We focused on creating a longer trajectory on the ball, as a long trajectory in today’s game is more and more important. The combination of spin, speed and long trajectory is unique on STIGA’s rubbers; you have never felt this level of play before.


OXYGEN CAPSULE SYSTEM The brand new Oxygen Capsule System is our most advanced rubber technology, specially adapted to the new poly ball. The OCS-sponge generates a very high amount of catapult effect thanks to the precisely measured size of the air pockets. This technology is developed to generate the maximum amount of speed and spin possible.